Fall 2021 Coronavirus Safety Procedures

We are so very pleased that we can continue to meet for the school year 2021-2022!

Just like everywhere else these days, our playgroup and the facilities we use have Covid-19 safety rules that we must follow. They are:

1. Adults must wear a MASK in the common areas of the building (hallways & bathrooms), but they may be removed inside the playgroup room. Individuals may choose to wear one in the playgroup room if it makes them feel safer. Children do not have to wear masks.

2. Members (the parents attending playgroup) must either be fully vaccinated, recovered, or have a recent NEGATIVE TEST to attend playgroup (this is referred to as 3G – “geimpft, genesen & gestestet”). At the start of each meeting we will collect your contact data on a sign in sheet where you will also be asked to confirm your 3G status. Unprotected adults are asked to get tested or take a self test no more than 24 hours before the start of playgroup.

3. DISTANCING is required between adults as much as possible and only one person at a time is allowed in the kitchen.

4. The WINDOWS will remain open during meetings.

5. DISINFECT your hands upon entering the building.

6. The Baby & Toddler group has their own TOY BOX that does not get used by any other groups. Please bring your own toy along if you’d rather not use the communal ones. Parents attending the Preschooler group with a younger sibling should also bring a toy along for them to play with.

7.  FOOD & DRINK rules will be decided on by the leaders of each group.

8. Normal end-of-session CLEANING UP procedures will be more thorough than what is usually required.

Additionally of course, members with any symptoms or who have been in contact with a positive case in the past 14 days will be asked to stay home.

Your group leaders will go over all of the procedures in detail. Please help them as much as you can so that things run smoothly and successfully for everyone.