Winter 2021/22 Corona Safety Measures

It’s December and we are deep into a fourth infection wave here in Germany…so far it looks like we will be continued to be allowed to meet!

Just like everywhere else these days, our playgroup and the facilities we use have Covid-19 safety rules that we must follow. Some of these rules are from the state law, some from the meeting location, and some are playgroup rules. Please be sure you are willing to follow all of them before applying to a spot in our playgroup.

  1. Our meetings are considered private gatherings but we do require proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative Schnelltest (3G). Protected members will only need to have their certificates reviewed once by the group leader; unprotected visitors must show a Schnelltest result at every meeting that is no more than 24 hours old (you can also send your leader a photo of a negative home test from that morning).

2. At the start of each meeting we will collect your CONTACT DATA on a sign in sheet for contact tracing purposes.

ADDITIONAL CURRENT RESTRICTIONS: As of November 24th, 2021, Baden-Württemberg is at the level Alarmstufe II. This restricts the number of unprotected adults at a private gathering to two.

If you are neither vaccinated against nor recovered from Covid-19, you may not be able to attend playgroup during Alarmstufe II due to this regulation. Please check with the group leader to see if you can have one of those two spots.

3. Adults must wear a MASK in the common areas of the building (hallways & bathrooms), but they may be removed inside the playgroup room. Individuals may choose to wear one in the playgroup room if it makes them feel safer. Children do not have to wear masks unless already 6 years old.

3. DISTANCING is required between adults as much as possible and only one person at a time is allowed in the kitchen.

4. The WINDOWS will be opened frequently during meetings to air out the room – dress warmly!

5. DISINFECT your hands upon entering the building.

6. The Baby & Toddler group has their own TOY BOX that does not get used by any other groups. Please bring your own toy along if you’d rather not use the communal ones. Parents attending the Preschooler group with a younger sibling should also bring a toy along for them to play with.

7.  FOOD & DRINK rules will be decided on by the leaders of each group.

8. Normal end-of-session CLEANING UP procedures will be more thorough than what is usually required.

9. If you have any Covid-like symptoms (respiratory, coughing, fever, chills, loss of smell or taste) or have been in contact with a positive case in the past 14 days, please do not come to playgroup.

Your group leaders will go over all of the procedures in detail. Please help them as much as you can so that things run smoothly and successfully for everyone.