The members of our playgroup have REALLY been enjoying the return to a bit of normalcy after two years of closures due to the pandemic.

Because of the amount of Sars-COV-2 virus still circulating in the community, our leaders and members have decided to continue with certain mitigation measures to keep the groups heathy and active. Please be sure you are willing to follow all of them before applying to a spot in our playgroup.

➡️ Our meetings are considered private gatherings and we currently require 3G status in order to attend. This means proof of vaccination (two shots) or recent recovery from Covid-19. Any adults who have been neither vaccinated nor recovered from Covid-19 will have to provide an negative rapid test from an official testing center no older than 24 hours to attend each playgroup session. Vaccination and recovery certificates are checked once per month for each adult using the CovPass check app.

➡️  MASKS are no longer required in the common areas of the building (hallways & bathrooms), nor are they required in the playgroup room. Individuals may choose to wear one in the playgroup room if it makes them feel safer. Children do not have to wear masks.

➡️ The WINDOWS will be opened frequently during meetings to air out the room – dress warmly!

➡️ Please DISINFECT your hands upon entering the building.

➡️ If you have any Covid-like symptoms (respiratory, coughing, fever, chills, loss of smell or taste, headache, sore throat) or have been in contact with a positive case in the past 10 days, please STAY HOME.

Your group leaders will go over all of the procedures in detail. Please help them as much as you can so that things run smoothly and successfully for everyone.

updated August 2022