Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide a community for local English-speaking families with small children and give them the opportunity to hear and speak their mother tongue in a social environment.

In our baby and toddler group, our focus is more on the parents and many long-lasting adult friendships are forged in these early years.

Once our kids start attending the local kindergarten, English often takes a back seat to German. For families of preschoolers our weekly meetings take on the important role of getting kids to speak more English themselves.

Membership Eligibility

Although our playgroup primarily serves the native English-speaking community in Stuttgart, we also accept applications from non-native parents who are raising their children bi- or multi-lingually and speak English at home.

All members must be willing and able to speak only English during the entire two-hour weekly playgroup meetings and the children are actively encouraged to do the same.

If your family is interested in joining our playgroup, please fill in the form on our Contact Us page to receive further information.

About our age groups

Babies and toddlers (0-3) on Monday mornings and preschoolers (3-6) on Thursday afternoons. Children are allowed to attend playgroup until they start primary school (approx. age 6).

We are quite strict about children attending the correct age group with the following exceptions:

  • Children who start kindergarten at age two (instead of three) are welcome to join the preschooler group, and
  • Younger siblings under the age of three may also attend the preschooler group as guests of big brother or sister. Please keep in mind that the preschooler group is not geared towards the under-threes and they will most likely not be able to participate in all of the activities. Older siblings over age three are not allowed to attend the Monday morning group.